Hello everybody!

My name is Nikola Dachev. I’ve been in the web video (streaming) industry for more than 4 years now. During my work I’ve witnessed many common misconceptions about how video works on the web, from amateurs and pros alike.

This blog is my effort to help people willing to publish their videos to the web to get better results. I intend to publish in here articles and howtos related to video on the web, including concepts, preparation and assessment of needs for popular cases. I feel that while there is a lot of information on this topic on the web, this information is poorly organized, not accessible for common users and quite scattered.

In this blog I intend to publish information on video formats, concepts and services as well as practical advice on video preparation for publishing on the web in a form accessible for common users.

The company I work for – StreamingVideoProvider Ltd. sponsors this blog and there will be a slight bias towards it’s video hosting services as well as some advertisings. Most of the advice I’ll provide however is generally applicable for video publishing with any video sharing or hosting service.

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  1. I’ve added comments from howto-host-video.com to appear on my twitter :)

  2. hi there, just discovered your CodeBank, excellent work.
    is there any way that i can use it to link to a file on my pc?? at momen ti can just link to a web site URL, haw can i link to an image or another file ??

    thanks Paul

  3. just checking if nPassword was updated, I have the

    it is the only I am using


  4. Dear Nikola,
    I would like to know if in your sincere opinion if your very good program “npassword” is secure for storing password of banking account and credit cards.

    Thank you in advance and Bye

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