nPad2 Source viewer/Code editor

I wrote this program(in 2003) because I needed a versatile source viewer and source code editor with syntax highlighting and basic text manipulation functions. As of 2014 I still use nPad2 daily for viewing multiple files on Windows 7/8 while for editing I may use other editors/IDEs.

current version:

This program offers basically the same functionality as ConText, JediEdit, UltraEdit etc. but for a single file and does it much faster. nPad2 outperforms any of it’s competitors when it comes to browsing huge codebases(2000+ files), editing multiple files simultaneously (20+ files) and editing of large files (I’ve edited 300MB SQL files with it with no problem at all). I have huge codebase of projects and quick access to this code is essential. Combined with windows explorer and a search program(mine to be released) nPad works great.

nPad2 uses multiple application windows(SDI as opposed to MDI), which allows you to use the taskbar(with grouping if you prefer) instead of some clumsy tabs, but still uses single instance of the program for better memory efficiency.

Another good use of nPad2 is notepad replacement and file open command handler. This is perfect for tech oriented people looking through multiple configuration or source files.

I use it to view and make quick editions in web scripts and to look trough my programs sources.


  • unicode supprot
  • large file support up to 2GB
  • one of the fastests and lightest in it’s class
  • capable of integration with windows explorer
  • syntax highligh (HTML, PHP, ASP, C++, Object Pascal, Java, Basic, CSS, JavaScript, SQL)
  • highlights all HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript and SCC in a single CGI Script
  • stay On Top
  • Single instance – multiple editors
  • Accepts files dragged form Explorer
  • Open multiple files (from commandline or DragDrop)
  • RegExp search/replace
  • Slots for saving (to own database)
  • Logging mode(automatically refresh if file has changed) available
  • Custom highlighter color schemes
  • Bracket highlighting

Download Links:


nPad2 v3.0 keyboard shortcuts

Command Keyboard Shortcut
Open URL Ctrl+Click
Cursor Movement and Selection
Cursor Movement Arrow Keys
Select All Ctrl+A
Keyboard Selection Shift+[Arrow Keys]
Keyboard Scrolling Ctrl+[Up or Down]
Word Selection Shift+Ctrl+[Left or Right]
Word Aligned Cursor Movement Ctrl+[Left or Right]
Page Scroll PgDn or PgUp
Page Select Shift+[PgDn or PgUp]
Move Cursor to Page Bottom Ctrl+PgDn
Move Cursor to Page Top Ctrl+PgUp
Select to Page Bottom Shift+Ctrl+PgDn
Select to Page Top Shift+Ctrl+PgUp
Line Start Home
Select to Line Start Shift+Home
Go to First Line Ctrl+Home
Select to First Line Shift+Ctrl+Home
Line End End
Select to Line End Shift+End
Go to Last Line Ctrl+End
Select to Last Line Shift+Ctrl+End
Keyboard Input Mode Ins
Match Bracket Shift+Ctrl+B
Move Selection Up by one line Ctrl+Alt+Up
Move Selection Down by one line Ctrl+Alt+Down
Selection Modes
Normal Select Shift+Ctrl+N
Column Select Shift+Ctrl+C
Line Select Shift+Ctrl+L
Copy Ctrl+Ins; Ctrl+C
Cut Shift+Del; Ctrl+X
Paste Shift+Ins; Ctrl+V
Duplicate Line Ctrl+D
Undo Alt+BkSp; Ctrl+Z
Redo Shift+Alt+BkSp; Shift+Ctrl+Z
Delete Last Word Ctrl+BkSp
Delete Word Ctrl+T
Delete Line Ctrl+Y
Indent Block Shift+Ctrl+I
Unindent Block Shift+Ctrl+U
Set Marker Shift+Ctrl+[0..9]
Goto Marker Ctrl+[0..9]
Case Change
Upper Case Ctrl+U
Lower Case Ctrl+L


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