ImageScaler – image scale, resize and crop program for windows

I wrote this program because I’ve got tired of the poor quality image scaling(i.e. resizing) in image manipulation programs like: PhotoShop, PaintShopPro, Picture Publisher, ACDSee etc. which only offer the crappy bicubic algorithm.
current version:

The program is simple with some usefull functions.
If you need to resize a few photos this program may be a good choice.
+ Opens multiple image formats
+ Good quality image scaling (Lanczos3,Mitchell,Spline,Bell,Hermlite,Triangle algorithms)
+ Image Flip,Flop and Rotation(+/-90 degrees)
+ Mix with color, Lightness, Darkness
+ Gamma correction
+ Crop region
+ Undo function :)

Download links:

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  1. i love your codebank which i downloaded long ago. but where are the download files on your server??? :sad:

  2. I have been trying to download your program for an hour. I do not see any download link on this page. I found it elsewhere with a “man” extension that I do not know how to open. I would appreciate your help.

  3. This is an old app :) At the time it was created there were few tools that could do good quality image resampling. Now popular tools like XNView and IrfanView do have similar features.

    I’ve added download links for popular download sites that it’s been listed for many years.

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