CodeBank – hierachical source code snippet database

CodeBank v2 is tree based (XML) personal information database program for windows. This means that it has an Explorer like interface with a treeview on the left and a record view on the right. You can store any text snippet into every record and they are stored into a portable database.

current version

It allows you to maintain a hierachical database of textual information like:

* programming code snippets
* notes
* links
* quotes
* SQL queries
+ whatever you like you name it
CodeBank is designed to work with relatively large amount of records. I have successfully tested it with 20000+ records.

Unlike similar programs CodeBank is fully portable and can be carried on removable media. The compression feature
helps in that matter too. The encryption feature provides high grade (256bit AES) of security for sensitive information.
The internal search engine can search for words, phrases and regular expressions.
CodeBank also allows you to comment and tag your own snippets/records so you can find them easier later.

The initial reason I developed this application was to help with the training of a programming team for programming competitions (ACM, TopCoder etc.)

* remembers the exact state you left it
* Great “Search Engine” for the database
* syntax highlighting in C/C++, Object Pascal, Java, XML, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL
* Drag & Drop
* Unlimited database size
* Export/Import between databases
* zip Compression
* AES Encryption

Download Links:


Command Keyboard Shortcut
Cursor Movement and Selection
Cursor Movement Arrow Keys
Select All Ctrl+A
Keyboard Selection Shift+[Arrow Keys]
Keyboard Scrolling Ctrl+[Up or Down]
Word Selection Shift+Ctrl+[Left or Right]
Word Aligned Cursor Movement Ctrl+[Left or Right]
Page Scroll PgDn or PgUp
Page Select Shift+[PgDn or PgUp]
Move Cursor to Page Bottom Ctrl+PgDn
Move Cursor to Page Top Ctrl+PgUp
Select to Page Bottom Shift+Ctrl+PgDn
Select to Page Top Shift+Ctrl+PgUp
Line Start Home
Select to Line Start Shift+Home
Go to First Line Ctrl+Home
Select to First Line Shift+Ctrl+Home
Line End End
Select to Line End Shift+End
Go to Last Line Ctrl+End
Select to Last Line Shift+Ctrl+End
Keyboard Input Mode Ins
Match Bracket Shift+Ctrl+B
Selection Modes
Normal Select Shift+Ctrl+N
Column Select Shift+Ctrl+C
Line Select Shift+Ctrl+L
Copy Ctrl+Ins; Ctrl+C
Cut Shift+Del; Ctrl+X
Paste Shift+Ins; Ctrl+V
Undo Alt+BkSp; Ctrl+Z
Redo Shift+Alt+BkSp; Shift+Ctrl+Z
Delete Last Word Ctrl+BkSp
Delete Word Ctrl+T
Delete Line Ctrl+Y
Indent Block Shift+Ctrl+I
Unindent Block Shift+Ctrl+U
Set Marker Shift+Ctrl+[0..9]
Goto Marker Ctrl+[0..9]
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